People in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland start the new week with changeable and sometimes windy weather. The wind is already picking up early on Monday morning and there are first gusts of around 55 kilometers per hour at peak locations, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Sunday in Offenbach. As the day progresses, there will be strong to stormy gusts of between 50 and 65 kilometers per hour, especially in exposed locations, before the wind dies down again in the afternoon. Otherwise, Monday will be clear to cloudy and free of precipitation with maximum temperatures of up to 15 degrees.

Tuesday night will remain dry and slightly cloudy with lows of between six and two degrees. Fog forms in places. Tuesday itself will start partly cloudy and will otherwise be clear and dry. The temperatures rise up to 14 degrees and there is a weak wind.

During the night on Wednesday partly cloudy and dry weather will prevail. At lows between four and one degree and in the Eifel down to minus one degree, fog forms locally. Wednesday will then be variable and increasingly cloudy towards noon. From midday there will be local showers before it will be rainy in the afternoon. The highs rise up to 13 degrees and there is a moderate wind blowing.

DWD weather report