Putin bathes in blood and a mullah gets tangled up in the hair of an Iranian woman: the Düsseldorf carnivalists again have biting messages ready for the fools. The previously kept secret motto wagons from the team around wagon builder Jacques Tilly rolled out of the depot to the installation site of the Düsseldorf Shrove Monday procession on Monday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin bathes in blood on a car – in a bathtub in the Ukrainian national colors of yellow and blue. On another car is a bald man in military clothes who accuses the West of Nazism, even though he himself wears a very swastika-like armband with the Z symbol of Russia’s war of aggression: “Putin’s madness”.

In another, an Iranian mullah tangles in the hair of an Iranian woman’s uncovered head. The fools are looking forward to getting the Rosenmontagszug on the third attempt after the corona virus thwarted them twice.

The Green Economics Minister Robert Habeck is shown eating a big toad: whether nuclear power or armament, Habeck has to swallow one toad after the other. “I think that in bad times you need good subversive satire,” said Wagenbauer Jacques Tilly before the German Press Agency. Tilly’s cars often attract international attention.

For once, the wagon builders had revealed a topic in advance because they feared that climate activists could block Rose Monday trains: A wagon is behind the concerns of the climate activists of the “Last Generation” group. There had previously been speculation that activists could become stuck on the train route.

The motto car asks: “Who are the climate terrorists?” You can see an activist of the “last generation” trying to stop the destroyers of the global climate, embodied by lignite excavators, industry and traffic, with his body.

“The worries about the tipping points are justified and the dangers are real. If the methane gas is released as a result of the climate crisis in Siberia, the earth will literally become climate hell,” said Tilly. The last generation responded on Monday with a written statement: “The greatest interest of the public is not that there will be no more carnivals in 20 years if we continue like this, but whether the last generation will also interrupt the carnival processions “, it says in it.

“The biggest concern is not that we will no longer be able to ensure the supply of drinking water and food in 20 years, but whether we can distract ourselves from exactly this fact undisturbed.” The activists left open whether there will be actions.