Thuringia’s CDU party leader Mario Voigt is against major concessions by his party in the dispute over the planned citizens’ allowance. He expects a tough stance from the CDU in the mediation process, said Voigt in Erfurt. “I’m counting on the Union to make substantial changes to the traffic light bill.” The principle that work must be worthwhile should continue to apply. “I expect my party to take a clear position on those who go to work every morning.”

Voigt advocated maintaining sanctions for people who refused reasonable work. A high level of protective assets and state benefits guaranteed for two years would not create any incentives to work. East Germany in particular suffers from a shortage of skilled workers. According to forecasts, 340,000 skilled workers will be missing in Thuringia alone by 2030, said Voigt.

The conflict over citizen income is to be resolved in the coming week. According to the Bundesrat, the mediation committee of the Bundestag and Bundesrat, which is supposed to find a compromise on the social law, will meet next Wednesday.

Citizens’ income is intended to replace the current Hartz IV system. The CDU/CSU had rejected Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil’s (SPD) proposal.