Renaissance, Macron’s party, and Together, the coalition of friendly parties, integrate a range of sensitivities that goes from traditional conservatism to pale pink social democracy, passing through the center, the moderate right, the liberals and the independents.

Such diversity has advantages, since it hopes to obtain the moderate vote of the most diverse sensibilities. But there are also inconveniences, since the result is a cocktail that the president’s Praetorian Guard will have to ‘color’ or ‘dress’ with very different nuances, to negotiate with various gangs to pass reform projects.

Between 2017 and 2022, Macron was able to govern alone. Even so, he was unable to pass major projects, such as the reform of the national pension system.

If he only obtains a relative majority, the president will have to negotiate at all times, with the different members of his own majority, aspiring to distribute different quotas of power and influence.