According to a survey, employees of railway companies are often exposed to violence and insults. 64 percent of those surveyed said they had suffered violence or hostility in the past twelve months, according to the Railway and Transport Union (EVG), which commissioned the survey. The “Tagesspiegel” reported about it. 38 percent complained that they had been insulted several times a month. According to the survey, more than one in three people feel unsafe at work.

In the EVG online survey in February, almost 4,000 train attendants, station service staff and hotline employees commented on their experiences of violence. “This study clearly and drastically confirms that our colleagues are already exposed to increasing dangers every day,” said the head of the general works council of the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary DB Regio, Ralf Damde, according to the union’s statement.

According to its own information, Deutsche Bahn recorded 3,144 attacks on its employees last year. In the previous year there were 3,161 incidents. According to the information, almost two thirds of the attacks affected train crews on regional transport. As a result, the company announced that it would expand the use of body cameras. These devices have proven themselves very well in use by security forces and train attendants.

With a view to the European Football Championship, Damde demanded immediate measures from the railway. He sees impending safety risks in contact between railway staff and fans. “We are calling for personnel planning based on the risk of rival crowds of fans on buses and trains,” he said. A double staffing and sufficient security personnel are necessary for the months of June and July 2024. Violence on the way to and from the stadium must be dealt with effectively.

If the railway does not act, the union has not ruled out work stoppages during the European Championships. The EVG refers to the right to refuse performance and argues that works councils could withdraw their consent to the rosters if there is an increased risk potential.