Deontay Wilder’s Walkout Song History: What Songs Has the ‘Bronze Bomber’ Used Before Fights?

Deontay Wilder? Oh, that guy’s got style for days! Just listen to all the tunes ‘The Bronze Bomber’ has strutted out to during his fights over the years. And one better believe his upcoming showdown with Zhilei Zhang on June 1 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is going to be no exception. The heavyweight champ’s got a reputation to uphold, and he’s planning to bring his trademark swagger as he makes his way to the ring. Though the song Deontay Wilder’s picked for his next bout is still under wraps, it’s going to be a surprise when the bell rings. But hey, looking back at his past walkout jams might give a hint. So, here’s a rundown of the tunes that have accompanied Wilder’s epic entrances in the past, building the hype and adding to the spectacle of the Matchroom-Queensberry 5 vs. 5 mega event.

Joseph Parker

‘The Bronze Bomber’ is coming off a loss in December last year at the hands of Joseph Parker, but nobody had seen it coming. Part of the surprise might’ve been the slick track he strolled out to. In his last showdown, Wilder didn’t just walk to any old tune; he strutted to one of his own creations. And get this: the man’s not just a heavyweight in the ring, he’s got some pipes too! The song he was vibing to for the Parker fight? It’s his own song. It’s called ‘I Been Up’, featuring the one and only Lac.

Robert Helenius

Before Parker, Wilder fought Robert Helenius, a fight he won via a first-round knockout! Well, his dominance could not be linked to his walkout song, but might have played a key role in hyping the heavyweight up. For those wondering, during the Helenius fight, Wilder walked out to another one of his own songs titled ‘Everytime’ featuring his younger brother Marsellos Wilder.

Tyson Fury II

If that’s not enough, the Tuscaloosa native took on none other than Tyson Fury in 2020 for the second fight in their trilogy! And guess what! Wilder, draped in swag from head to foot, walked out to a rapper, filling the atmosphere with sheer anticipation. It was one of Wilder’s best ring walks, as rapper D Smoke accompanied him, spitting verses from his hit album ‘Black Habits’.

Tyson Fury I

However, during the first fight against Tyson Fury, all the way back in 2018, Wilder had chosen a totally different tune for his ring walk. It was the biggest fight of his career, and everybody had favored Fury in the lead-up. So, Wilder chose this song to stick it to all the naysayers — ‘Win’ by Jay Rock.

Tyson Fury III

During the trilogy fight, Deontay Wilder took things to the next level with his extremely energetic and blockbuster walk to the ring. As ‘The Bronze Bomber’ walked out in his trademark style, drenched in red and black, he was escorted by Loaded Lux. The duo made their way to the ring as Lux belted out his song ‘Till This Day’.

Other notable walkout jams from Deontay Wilder

‘The Bronze Bomber’ has had other great ring walks during his long and decorated career in the heavyweight divisions, but these were the most prominent ring walks among them. Some other notable mentions would be his ring walk against Dominic Breazeale when the 38-year-old came out strutting to the beats of ‘In The Air Tonight’ from Lopside. Or Wilder’s second fight against Bermane Stiverne when rap superstar 50 Cent assisted Wilder in his walkout with his chartbuster ‘Many Men (Wish Death)’.

With that said, this was the list of Deontay Wilder’s best ring walk songs! As the next fight day creeps closer, it would be interesting to see which song Deontay Wilder chooses as his next. Did we miss your favorite ring walk of his? Let us know in the comments below!