COPENHAGEN (Danemark) — Denmark’s biggest cinema chain closed all of its theaters Tuesday due to the death of a 17-year old employee in a shooting attack at a shopping center.

Nordisk Film Biografer has 23 theaters across the country. The company stated on Facebook that it made the decision to respect the victims, the 17-year old girl, the 47-year old Russian man, and “to discuss the situation with our staff.”

One of the locations of the chain is located at the Field’s shopping centre, which is just outside of Copenhagen.

After suffering gunshot wounds from Sunday’s shootings, four other victims were taken to hospital in critical but stable conditions. Authorities claim that a 22-year old Danish man was in custody and chose people to shoot at random.

Around two dozen people were injured in total, many of them in panicked stampedes that followed gunfire at the mall. A court order cannot name the gunman or the victims.

Tuesday night will see a memorial service for victims. Mette Frederiksen, Danish Prime Minister, and Sophie H. Andersen, Copenhagen Mayor are expected to be there.

Authorities claim that the suspect was acting alone, and have eliminated terrorism from the equation. The suspect was placed in secure mental health facilities for 24 days on Monday. He faces preliminary murder and attempted murder charges.

Stine Rysgaard spoke for the mall and said that the multi-story shopping center with over 130 shops is still closed until July 11.