According to the police, several troublemakers threw objects at the first Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Weißenfels (Burgenlandkreis). Before the start of the CSD move, there was a disturbance by a group of people in the area of ​​the market, the police said in the evening. people were not injured.

The police established the identity of 20 people involved in this disruptive action. The authority initially gave no information on their motivation. A police spokeswoman said when asked that she could not say anything about further details – she did not yet have the final report on it.

Around 600 people took part in the parade for the rights of gay and queer people, according to the police. Previously, there had been hate speech on the part of the right-wing extremist party, The Third Way, against the event. Both on social media and on leaflets, some homophobic statements were made against the CSD.

In addition, a staircase painted in rainbow colors at a school in Naumburg was recently painted over with the colors of the Reich flag in black, white and red by previously unknown persons.

District Administrator Götz Ulrich (CDU), as patron of the event, therefore emphasized that it was important to show support. It is precisely such right-wing extremist positions that make it clear how important this is. In addition to extreme positions, it is not always easy for homosexual or queer people to feel accepted in rural areas.

Christopher Street Day is celebrated worldwide. The movement dates back to events in June 1969 when New York police officers stormed a bar on Christopher Street, sparking a gay, lesbian and trans riot.

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