I confess that I stained the sleeve of my jacket, when I dropped the croissant in the coffee with milk, while I was listening to Víctor Terradellas in El món, RAC 1, who was responsible for international relations at the CDC and who is being investigated in court by the alleged Russian interference in the procés. Terradellas acknowledged that he went to Carles Puigdemont’s office on October 24 and 26, 2017 with Russian citizens, possibly linked to the intelligence services of that country, including the diplomat Nikolai Sadóvnikov, close to the Kremlin. According to the statements on the program, he apparently offered in a second meeting, in which Elsa Artadi was also present, not only military and political aid to a hypothetical independent Catalonia, but even to hold a conversation with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Terradellas assumed full responsibility for the meetings, denying that he had been commissioned by President Carles Puigdemont. But, seen with the perspective of time, it is clear that the delirium of seeking Russia’s recognition of an independent Catalonia and the complicity to create a cryptocurrency system to finance the new independent country is a relevant fact. At the time these meetings were held, Russia was trying to weaken the EU, after favoring the victory of Donald Trump in the United States, so all this information does not contribute to the fact that in Brussels they look sympathetically at independence.

It cost me less to remove the stain from my jacket than it will cost sovereignism to clean this stain. JD Salinger writes in The Catcher in the Rye that what distinguishes the foolish from the sensible man is that the former longs to die proudly for a cause, while the latter aspires to live humbly for it. All this nonsense about the Russians at the gates of the failed declaration of independence shows the degree of improvisation and irresponsibility of those who thought that emotions can do anything and that in their name everything is equally valid. Going to the Russians was a delusion, but nobody considered it a joke.