The State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, faces this Wednesday one of the most complicated moments in recent weeks: face to face with the new representatives of the race in the Fiscal Council, renewed after the elections that turned their backs on their association , the Progressive Union of Prosecutors, which has gone from having four of the nine elected members to having only two. In these elections, held on May 4, the majority Association of Prosecutors obtained six representatives (one more than it had) and the Professional Association of Independent Prosecutors (APIF) managed to enter the body for the first time in the hands of its president, Salvador Viada.

Although there is no transcendental item on the agenda of the plenary that is being held today -beyond the farewell speech of the outgoing prosecutors and the welcome to the incoming members-, it will be Delgado’s first public appearance after the surgical operation that He has been convalescing in recent weeks, which has not prevented him from continuing with his daily activity, returning to the center of the controversy with decisions such as re-proposing the same person whose appointment the Court overturned as coordinator for Minors. Supreme

considering that he was not sufficiently motivated. In between, also the withdrawal of the controversial PSOE amendment that planned to reward her with a promotion when she ceases as attorney general. The lack of support from the government partners and the scandal that meant a promotion to the first category without first listening to the prosecutors, ruined an initiative that from the Association of Prosecutors was interpreted as a payment for the services rendered as former minister the Sanchez government.

Although the most important appointments of the fiscal dome were already carried out with the previous composition of the Fiscal Council, with accusations of the favorable treatment that Delgado offered to the associates of the Progressive Union of Prosecutors, it will be the current members who will have to face the appointment of a key position in the organizational chart of the Public Ministry, the Anticorruption department. The mandate of Alejandro Luzón, at the head of this prosecutor’s office for five years, expires in a few days, although the appointment will be delayed until after the summer because the call has not yet been made. Tax sources are convinced that Delgado would propose Luzón if he decides to run.