In the case of former Eintracht Frankfurt President Rolf Heller, who died in Weimar in October, there is a spectacular turnaround. After initially assuming a natural death of the 78-year-old, the competent public prosecutor’s office in Erfurt is examining whether Heller has fallen victim to a violent crime.

Corresponding investigations have apparently been going on for a long time, but have only now become known through research by Hessischer Rundfunk (HR). Heller’s body was supposed to be cremated and buried a few days after his death at the end of October – the authorities stopped the preparations and scheduled an autopsy in the forensic medicine department. After that, there were indications of a homicide, a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office told the DPA news agency. “There is an initial suspicion and the possibility that a crime has been committed.” The spokesman did not say what the suspicion was based on. According to HR, relatives of Hellers had expressed doubts about the version of a natural death.

According to the information, the investigations of the public prosecutor’s office are aimed at two people. It is not known who it is. In any case, this is only an initial suspicion. “There is no urgent suspicion. That’s why no one is in custody.” The investigations are still in the early stages. When they will be completed is unclear.

Spicy: At a memorial service by Eintracht Frankfurt, club president Peter Fischer described Heller’s last wife as an “own goal”, reports the “Frankfurter Neue Presse”, among others. He wanted to allude to difficulties in the marriage. Speculations that Heller’s widow could have had something to do with his death were clearly opposed by her lawyer. The lawyer told HR that his client loved her husband more than anything and did not kill him. It is the presumption of innocence. Eintracht boss Fischer told the “Bild” newspaper about the latest developments: “I’m shocked to the max. I can’t imagine it at all.”

Rolf Heller was President of Eintracht Frankfurt from 1996 to 2000. He took over the post when the club was in a serious sporting and economic crisis in the second division. Under Heller’s direction, they were promoted back to the Bundesliga and their finances also recovered. He resigned from office to applause lasting several minutes at the general meeting. “During the club’s most difficult times, Rolf Heller tackled the task of getting Eintracht back on calm waters with a lot of enthusiasm and optimism,” said Axel Hellmann, spokesman of the board of Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG, the deceased honorary member of the Hessian club on the day after his death. At that time there was talk of death “after a long, serious illness”.

Heller was buried on November 22nd in the Weimar main cemetery with his immediate family.

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