In Hesse, a 42-year-old woman is suspected of killing her husband and a child. A nine-year-old boy was also found injured; his life was not in danger. The police came across the bodies of the 41-year-old man and the ten-year-old child in an apartment in Darmstadt, as police and public prosecutors in Darmstadt announced on Wednesday. The officers discovered the injured suspect in a garden shed on the property. There were no indications of third-party involvement. The nine-year-old and the 42-year-old were taken to hospital for treatment.

The police were alerted to the apartment building in the Arheilgen district early on Wednesday, and an emergency call was received at the rescue control center around 6:30 a.m. Due to ongoing investigations, authorities initially did not provide any further details. According to information from the “Hessenschau”, the dead child is also a boy. According to the report, both minor victims are children of the suspects. The public prosecutor’s office and the criminal police took over the investigation.

Further sources: police/public prosecutor’s office, Hessenschau

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