Comedian Abdelkarim is the second star for whom the dance show “Let’s Dance” is over.

The 41-year-old and his partner Kathrin Menzinger were unable to convince either the jury or the audience with their Slowfox on Saturday night. They only got ten points from the judges, the worst rating of the evening. The audience eventually voted her out.

Juror Motsi Mabuse had praised Abdelkarim’s progress. The judge Joachim Llambi (58), who appeared particularly strict again that evening, who had only given Abdelkarim one point in the previous episode, was again merciless: “The dance is over” and “we survived” were the only positive points that he could find at the gig. The comedian took it with humor: “I’m definitely a foreign body when it comes to dancing.”

Stars danced to music from the year of their birth

In the show, all the stars danced to music from the year they were born and talked about their childhood. Anna Ermakova, daughter of tennis legend Boris Becker, showed her cha-cha-cha skills to Madonna’s “Music” and was praised by Motsi Mabuse for her footwork. Mabuse enthused that she had never seen such beautiful feet on “Let’s Dance” at work. “Just great, great, great”.

In the clip from the preparation for the show, Ermakova talked about how she was besieged by the press as a child, which she didn’t realize at the time: “It was completely normal, which I now know is not normal. ” The 22-year-old and her partner Valentin Lusin again got the most points from the jury. The three jurors gave them a total of 29 points – ex-professional gymnasts Philipp Boy (35) and Patricija Ionel received the same amount for their jive.

Audience wants encore of “Knossi”

Twitch star Jens “Knossi” Knossalla (36) and his partner Isabel Edvardsson caused great enthusiasm that evening with their jive to “Danger Zone” from the soundtrack of “Top Gun” (1986). When the two were done, the audience demanded an encore with loud applause, Motsi Mabuse also cheered them on. She got up in the middle of the performance – all by herself at first, but it doesn’t matter, she said.

However, there were boos for Joachim Llambi when he took apart the tango performance of actress Chryssanthi Kavazi (34) and Vadim Garbuzov. After Timon Krause’s (28) appearance, the juror defended his tough gait: “Sometimes a few strong words help, then you wake up a bit”. One managed to convince him: Ex-professional gymnast Philipp Boy received ten points for his jive – and an unusual amount of praise. There are now twelve couples left in the race.