D.C. Council Ward 7 primary election results 2024 live updates

In the latest updates on the D.C. Council Ward 7 primary election, we have ten Democratic candidates vying to succeed Vincent C. Gray (D) in Ward 7. Notably, no Republicans are in the running for this seat.

Democratic primary results show that Felder is currently leading the race with an estimated 77 percent of the votes counted. The breakdown of votes received and percentages of the total vote are as follows:

– Wendell Felder: 2,211 votes, 23.0%
– Ebony Payne: 1,938 votes, 20.1%
– Eboni-Rose Thompson: 1,869 votes, 19.4%

It is important to note that there are more candidates in the race, and the final results may vary as more votes are counted.

As the election progresses, stay tuned for more updates on the D.C. Council Ward 7 primary race. The outcome of this election will have a significant impact on the future representation of Ward 7 in the D.C. Council.

For more information on the candidates and the latest developments in the election, keep following our live coverage of the D.C. Council Ward 7 primary election results.