The washing routine that is supposed to change everything only changes a little in the previous order of washing your hair and is called the CWC method: conditioner – wash – conditioner. Alternatively, it is also called CSC: Conditioner – Shampoo – Conditioner. The CWC or CSC method is an effective way to prevent hair damage and maintain supple, soft hair. With this method, the conditioner is applied both before and after shampooing to provide double protection to the hair. This is particularly important in summer, as the hair is subjected to a lot of stress from exposure to light, salt water and chlorine. Applying the CWC method is relatively simple and can be done as follows:

It’s best to choose a highly moisturizing conditioner that contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid and nourishing oils like almond or argan oil to maximize the effectiveness of the CWC method.

An example of a suitable conditioner is Redken’s “All Soft Conditioner”, which contains a keratin enrich complex and nourishing oils such as camelina and avocado oil. This conditioner instantly leaves hair soft and smooth, but it may seem too heavy on thin hair.

Another example of a well-suited conditioner comes from the brand “Moroccanoil”. The moisturizing conditioner is rich and highly concentrated and suitable for daily use. It provides moisture, manageability and shine. The product is enriched with argan oil, vitamins A and E and red algae (which naturally attracts moisture).

Another recommended product is the “Shine Hyaluron Conditioner” from Ahuhu, which offers intensive moisturizing care thanks to hyaluronic acid and other valuable extracts and makes the hair shine.

To provide additional care for dry hair, you should use a hair mask once or twice a week and apply a hair oil or serum after washing. The “Masque Thérapiste, Résistance” hair mask from Kérastase stimulates keratin synthesis and transforms brittle hair fibers from the inside out.

With the help of a complex that provides dry hair with long-lasting moisture, the hair gains elasticity and shine. When heat styling, always make sure you use good heat protection to avoid further hair damage.

The CSC or CWC method is a simple and effective way to prevent dry hair and maintain a supple, shiny mane.

Source: “RTL”

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