At the end of this week, the Cuenca Local Government Board gave the green light to the City Council’s 2022 Budget project and now it needs to be definitively approved in an extraordinary plenary session that will probably be held in June. According to the councilor for the Treasury, Business Promotion and Employment, and Heritage, Juan Manuel Martínez Melero, the objective is that by the end of this year it will be “in a position to request the liquidation of the Adjustment Plan or, at least, of its most burdensome”, since “it is weighing down our budget possibilities”. In addition, the municipal debt would be reduced to 43.8 million euros by the end of the legislature.

The councilor explains that they have been “working since October” on the Budgets.

The Ministry of Finance put a series of conditions on the first draft, but the City Council did not agree and presented allegations, estimated in part. Finally, the accounts forecast income of 56.8 million and expenses of 56.4 million. The Consistory will dedicate 23.8 million to investments, of which 4.3 are foreseen in the Budgets, while 18.3 come from the remainder of the treasury and another 1.2 are modifications to finish the works in the neighborhood of La Paz and for sports facilities thanks to a subsidy from the Provincial Council.