The decision of the Government that allows “dismantling” the Tarancón-Utiel conventional railway track and replacing it with a greenway for bicycles will be brought before the National Court by the Cuenca Now association.

The association denounces that “they are going to uproot and scrap”, instead of “fixing and modernizing”, more than 200 kilometers of Iberian gauge tracks to replace passenger and freight trains with lanes for bicycles and pedestrians, “as if in the province did not exist roads and trails for people and cyclists to circulate through them ». “Such nonsense has had and has practically the entire Cuenca society against it, especially the towns through which this road passes and the Cuenca citizen movements,” he assures.

Cuenca Now recalls that the Cuenca-Utiel section began to “let die” with the “excuse” of the storm ‘Filomena’ and that it is “a very serious historical error”, because “it not only seriously compromises the structuring of the province, its depopulation and development, but it can seriously affect national and citizen security, at times of future war crises or catastrophes that cannot be ruled out, by suppressing a strategic Iberian-gauge corridor between Madrid and the Mediterranean.

Thus, this citizen association, which was created to fight against the serious structural problems of the province and, in particular, against depopulation, has decided to create a legal team among its legal partners in order to study and file a contentious appeal- before the National High Court as this body is considered the competent jurisdiction. In addition, they announce that they will resort to all the instruments and agreements that develop and apply the Government protocol.

On May 25, the BOE published the resolution, of April 27, 2022, of the General Secretariat of Transport and Mobility of action for the development of a comprehensive mobility, territorial development and urban transformation project, which establishes the Protocol, that is, the general framework of action for, among other issues, “adapting the section of the Tarancón-Utiel conventional railway line to a different social use, prior to cessation of the passenger service”. To this end, the section will be adapted as a “greenway for later use by pedestrians and cyclists.”