The Independent Trade Union and Civil Servants Center (CSIF) has requested the Integrated Care Management (GAI) of Ciudad Real to reinforce the staff in the covid-19 area in the Emergency Department of the General University Hospital of Ciudad Real (HGUCR) .

The union explained this Friday in a statement that the objective of this petition is “to give better care to patients and to keep the circuit clean-dirty in an appropriate way to avoid more infections by covid-19.”

Currently, the number of patients with coronavirus continues to be high, CSIF has pointed out, and on the night shift in the covid area there is only one Nursing professional and one Nursing Auxiliary Care Technician (TCAES), insufficient to meet the needs from service.

The same happens in the day shift, where a TCAE is in charge of all the work.

For this reason, CISF has required that in addition to two nurses, there should also be two professionals in this category.

The provincial head of CSIF Sanidad, Ana Isabel Fernández, has assured that there is the possibility of requesting reinforcement through the on-call supervisor from other services if necessary at a given time, but sometimes it is “impossible”, since it depends on the situation in which these services find themselves, which is why it requires that all those health professionals necessary for both the covid area and the rest of the Emergencies be hired.

Likewise, he regretted that the current staff of both nursing auxiliary care technicians (TCAES) and nurses, doctors, caretakers, technicians and administrative assistants is “insufficient”, as a consequence of the cuts produced in 2012. Cuts that, “unfortunately », are still maintained today.

Although it is true that with the start of the pandemic the service was reinforced with a sufficient number of health professionals to deal with all the work that the situation entailed, many of them have now been dispensed with, justifying this fact by the decrease in infections and serious cases.