A prisoner in the United States has escaped over the roof of a prison near Philadelphia. The Chester County Police Department in the US state of Pennsylvania on Wednesday released remarkable footage of surveillance video from last week’s escape.

Accordingly, the 34-year-old climbed up a wall during a stay on an open-air area of ​​the detention center. The convicted murderer used a narrow passage between two walls, supported himself with his hands on one side and his feet on the other – and ran up the wall, so to speak. Then he got over barbed wire and finally fled over the roof. An employee in a watchtower did not notice the escape.

A detention center official said an inmate escaped in a similar manner back in May. Since then, security has been tightened. However, this did not prevent them from fleeing again. The police have been looking for the man for days – so far without success. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in mid-August for stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death.