Christine de Védrines can no longer remember how long she has been sitting in this chair. Her hips, legs and back hurt like nothing in her life has hurt. But she can’t get up. She is also not allowed to wash herself or go to the toilet. Even sleeping is forbidden, but she is so very tired. But every time she nods off, someone pinches her ear. It’s her husband, Charles-Henri, 60. He was once a respected doctor who swore an oath to help others. He swore his love to his wife, but now he torments her. And Christine, 58, has to endure it. She, the mother of three, comes from a wealthy family and was always proud to have married into a noble family.

It’s dark in the damp-walled room where she’s been stuck for days, and there are no clocks. Christine has lost her sense of time. Her husband, his brother Philippe and his sister Ghislaine sit behind her and never take their eyes off her. The siblings wait for Christine to finally speak. They too no longer know whether it is day or night. They too are afraid.

You have powerful enemies. They need money to defend themselves. They need the treasure that only Christine knows where to find.

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