Shots were fired in the free town of Christiania in Copenhagen – a man was killed on Saturday evening and four other people were injured. The Danish news agency Ritzau reported that two masked men shot on Saturday evening in Pusher Street, known as drug alley.

A 30-year-old man died from his injuries. He should be attributed to the rocker milieu – the police initially gave no information. The perpetrators fled.

The investigators assume that the perpetrators were specifically targeting the 30-year-old. The two attackers started shooting before entering the building and hit the other people, the police said on Sunday afternoon. She is investigating an 18-year-old for murder and attempted murder, his exact involvement in the case initially remained unclear.

The autonomous free city of Christiania is over 50 years old and, along with the harbor of Nyhavn and the statue of the Little Mermaid, is one of Copenhagen’s major tourist magnets. However, crime there is also fueling protests.

In early August, residents blocked the entrances to the alternative housing estate’s notorious drug alley in protest against criminal gangs. They protested a series of acts of violence and expressed the hope of liberating Christiania from the “tyranny of gangs and rockers”. “Organized crime sucks the energy out of all the positive things we want in Christiania,” they said in a statement.