In the past few days, fraudsters have stolen money with shock calls in the Oder-Spree and Märkisch-Oderland districts. As the police said on Wednesday, scammers called an elderly woman in Beeskow (Oder-Spree district) on Tuesday and claimed that her son had caused a fatal accident and that she had to pay money for his bail. Shortly thereafter, the elderly woman handed over a sum of several thousand euros to a woman at the front door.

A man in Erkner was contacted by his supposed son from America on Monday, who said he needed financial help. The scammers also stole several thousand euros here.

On Tuesday, an elderly woman in Strausberg (Märkisch-Oderland district) received an email in which the fraudsters posed as representatives of a public prosecutor’s office. They accused her of spreading pornographic material and demanded money to stop the alleged proceedings. The woman recognized the fraud and alerted the police.

Another woman in Strausberg was told on the phone on Tuesday that her daughter is said to have caused a fatal traffic accident and that she has to pay bail. She noticed the scam in good time and alerted the police. In all cases, according to the information, is determined.