When arresting a suspected shoplifter in Berlin’s main train station, the police shot the young person and injured her. That said a spokesman for the Federal Police of the German Press Agency on Saturday. The federal police were informed by a shop around 2 p.m. that the shop detective had noticed a young person who had stolen something there. He was then able to hold her in the drugstore until the police arrived. Several Berlin media had previously reported on the incident.

According to the spokesman, the police found a knife on the teenager and asked her to put it away. But she attacked her colleagues with the knife. The emergency services used tear gas, and a police officer then fired. The alleged shoplifter was hit in the hand and taken to the hospital, the police spokesman said. Employees of the drugstore and emergency services were also taken to the hospital as a precaution.

“The Berlin State Criminal Police Office has taken over the further investigations,” the spokesman continued. “It’s common when a firearm is used.”

A spokesman for the Berlin fire brigade had previously said that several injured people had been taken to nearby hospitals. According to him, the fire brigade was on site with almost 50 emergency services.