After the spectacular robbery of a money transporter in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in which several million euros were stolen, the perpetrators are still on the run. The search for the armed men is now running nationwide, as a police spokeswoman said on Friday morning. The masked perpetrators, armed with submachine guns, stopped and robbed a security company’s vehicle at the entrance to Autobahn 20 near Gützkow (Western Pomerania-Greifswald) on Thursday morning.

According to the police, the preparation of the crime and the procedure itself speak for organized crime. For example, concrete parts had been placed on the motorway access road, with the help of which the money transporter was stopped and the car prevented from escaping. After the money transport was opened by force from the rear, it was looted and set on fire. The two employees of the security company were not injured.

The police later found the escape vehicle not far from Müssentin near Jarmen, it had burned out. Another getaway vehicle was probably waiting here, it said. The police expect at least three perpetrators, two of whom were seen at the money transporter. Among other things, it is now being checked how the robbers knew that so much money was being transported in the vehicle and which route it was taking.