Six-year-old Joel from Pragsdorf (Mecklenburg Lake District), who was stabbed to death on September 14th, is to be buried in Neubrandenburg. The family announced this, as a community spokesman told the German Press Agency.

The funeral service for the killed boy is scheduled to take place on October 17th – a good month after the violent crime for which a 14-year-old is in custody – in the immediate family circle. The city of Neubrandenburg is just over ten kilometers from Pragsdorf.

14-year-old is considered an “urgent suspect”

Meanwhile, the police and public prosecutor’s office are continuing to investigate the case, a police spokeswoman said. The motive for the crime is still not clear. A 14-year-old from the village who was taken into custody is considered an “urgent suspect”. He is said to have initially played with the six-year-old and other children on a playground on September 14th. When the other children left, the suspect is said to have gone alone with Joel to a nearby hiding place in the bushes next to a football field. There, according to police, the child was brutally abused and stabbed.

The victim and the knife were later found. After intensive investigations, the 14-year-old was arrested on September 27th. According to the police, he had become entangled in contradictions, and a DNA trace of the suspect was found on the murder knife along with traces of the victim. The suspect’s relatives have now left the place.