A missing convicted criminal from Illerkirchberg in Baden-Württemberg has contacted the authorities again. The man reported to the responsible police station last week and this week on Tuesday, said a spokeswoman for the Tübingen regional council on Wednesday. The “Südwest Presse” reported about it first.

The Afghan and other men raped a 14-year-old in a refugee home in Illerkirchberg in 2019 and had to serve a prison sentence. After that, the community had to take him back, according to their own words. The man was ordered to report to the police weekly and to stay in the Alb-Donau district.

According to earlier information from the regional council, the person concerned had recently failed to comply. As a result, the district office wrote him out for residence determination. Among other things, the municipality and the district had demanded the deportation of the man. The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Justice is also committed to this. However, the federal government has suspended deportations to Afghanistan since August 2021 because of the security situation there.

Illerkirchberg only hit the headlines in December because of a knife attack by a refugee from Eritrea on schoolgirls. A 14-year-old was killed and a 13-year-old seriously injured.