An investigation group with around 100 officers is looking for other suspects after the attack on police officers in Trier. A spokesman for the Trier Presidium said on Saturday that other potentially involved parties had been identified. For reasons of investigation tactics, the police initially did not want to comment on the details. On Friday, the police were aware of two suspects, now there are more.

According to the police, a group of around 40 attackers with glass bottles, wooden sticks and shovels attacked officers who had been summoned in front of a nightclub on Friday night. Five officers were injured.

Police are asking for more witnesses

The police are still grateful for tips and videos, said the spokesman and referred to a reference portal where you can upload material. A total of 15 tips were received by Saturday afternoon, including video recordings. The police have set up a so-called special organizational structure (BAO) to clarify the matter. The police announced that applause on social media would also be followed up.

Politicians in the state and federal government had sharply condemned the night attack. State Interior Minister Michael Ebling (SPD) visited the police headquarters in Trier on Saturday and also met officials who were involved in the operation. The minister then spoke of escalating violence and an extremely dangerous situation. “Here, violence was deliberately used against police officers on duty, which is deeply despicable,” said Ebling.

Ebling: Violence against the police will not be tolerated

The police officers had been deployed with a high degree of professionalism and had finally completed it successfully. Now it must be made clear that violence against police officers will not be tolerated, said Ebling. Such attacks must be dealt with to the full extent of the law. It is important that many people show solidarity with the police.

According to the information, an officer fired two warning shots in the air during the incident, after which the attackers stopped and the police officers were able to regroup. Eventually they got the situation under control. Two suspects were temporarily arrested. The attackers are said to have shown solidarity against the police in front of the club.

The police had been alerted because of an assault. The situation escalated during the investigations on the square in front of the club. It is assumed that alcohol also played a role.

In Rhineland-Palatinate there were around 1,700 cases of violence against police officers last year, said the police inspector, Friedel Durben, on Saturday in Trier. In half of the cases, alcohol and group dynamics played a role.