A suspected ATM blaster sped away from the police in Lower Saxony on Monday morning – and then fled on foot. There may have been passengers in the car. The high-powered vehicle with stolen license plates was brought to a halt on Autobahn 29 with a board of nails, the police in Delmenhorst said.

Officers found explosives in the car, which were defused. Two ATMs in a shopping center in Schleswig-Holstein were blown up on Monday night. According to the investigators, it is being checked whether the escape is related to the machine explosions.

According to the police report, officials wanted to check the high-horsepower car in Cloppenburg around 4:30 a.m. But the driver ignored the stop signals, accelerated and fled. The escape led in the direction of the A1. There the car raced in the direction of Hamburg. Finally, the driver changed the highway, sometimes he drove with the lights off. He raced over the A29 at more than 200 kilometers per hour – until a police nail board stopped the car.

The inmate or inmates had fled to the surrounding forests, it said. Police said anyone who sees suspicious people in the woods or on property is asked to call 911 immediately. It is urgently warned against taking hitchhikers.

The crime scene of the ATM blasting is on the border with Hamburg, not far from the A1 motorway. It has not yet been clarified whether there is a connection between the alleged crimes.