In a robbery on a jewelry store in downtown Hamburg, the perpetrators stole high-quality jewelry on Tuesday evening. According to initial findings, two suspects are on the run, said a police spokesman. The spokesman was initially unable to say whether other people were involved in the robbery in the shop on Neue ABC-Straße. Nobody was injured.

The perpetrators struck in the hustle and bustle of the evening business four days before Christmas Eve – near the Gänsemarkt. The spokesman did not provide any information on the exact value of the loot. It is high quality jewelry. According to the police, the perpetrators were said to have carried firearms during the robbery. Crime scene photos showed a smashed display case and a hammer.

A sniffer dog used by the officials picked up a trail as far as the Rödingsmarkt subway station, where she got lost, the spokesman added late in the evening. In addition, video recordings were requested from a stop near the jewelry store.

Police operations were canceled late in the evening. Several media had previously reported. Further details and background were not initially known.