A 24-year-old is said to have killed his sister, who was one year younger, in an apartment in Bremen. The suspect was arrested without resistance in an apartment in an apartment building, said a police spokesman. The homicide squad is investigating a homicide.

According to police, the 24-year-old called the police shortly before midnight on Saturday and said he had done something to his sister. The emergency services found the lifeless young woman in a room of the apartment. Despite attempts at resuscitation, the 23-year-old died there.

According to the investigators, the evidence suggests that the young woman died from outside influence. No further details were initially given. It was said that her brother was strongly suspected of having killed her.

At the time of the crime late Saturday evening, other family members of the siblings were in the apartment, said a police spokesman. The relatives were also interviewed by the investigators. Forensics officers were still on duty at the crime scene early on Sunday morning; the house was cordoned off with red and white tape.

The suspect’s presentation to the magistrate is still ongoing, as a spokesman for the Bremen public prosecutor’s office said. The autopsy of those killed has been completed. For tactical reasons, no information was given about the exact circumstances of the violent death.