Against the background of increasing numbers of infections, China has reported the first corona death in a good six months. The 87-year-old man from Beijing is the first to die after contracting the virus since late May, according to the Health Commission. At that time, there was a major outbreak in Shanghai.

Due to a strict zero-corona policy, there are significantly fewer infections and deaths related to corona infections in China than in other countries. However, the population has to accept tough measures and lockdowns again and again, which also weigh heavily on the economy.

In the past few weeks, the corona numbers have risen to more than 24,000 infections per day. In addition to the southern Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou, the capital Beijing is also increasingly severely affected. Around 600 new infections were reported there among the 21 million inhabitants on Sunday. Because of the increase in infections, the population in large parts of the city has been asked to stay at home at the weekend. Many restaurants and shops remained closed.

Supermarkets, pharmacies and markets were open. However, a negative PCR test from the past 24 hours often had to be proven at the entrance – not from the past 48 hours as usual. Elementary and middle schools remained closed and did online classes. “Society should be shut down,” it said in a statement.