In the trial surrounding suspected corona vaccination damage, a woman from Upper Franconia achieved partial success against the manufacturer Astrazeneca. A civil chamber of the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Bamberg sentenced the company to provide comprehensive information about side effects of its corona vaccine “Vaxzevria”, as a court spokesman announced. The civil case is among the first against a corona vaccine manufacturer in Germany.

The company must therefore provide data on all known effects and side effects of the vaccine as well as any other information that may be important for assessing the acceptability of harmful effects of the vaccine, “insofar as these include thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS ) regarding”. The information must be provided for the period from December 27, 2020, when the vaccine was approved, to February 19, 2024. The Senate did not allow an appeal against the decision.

The 33-year-old plaintiff was vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine from Astrazeneca in March 2021 and then suffered a so-called intestinal vein thrombosis. She ended up in a coma and ultimately had to have part of her intestines removed. She is demanding compensation and damages from the British-Swedish company. In the course of the proceedings, the now successful lawsuit for information was added.

Lawyer is satisfied with the decision

He and his client were very happy about the court’s decision, the woman’s lawyer, Volker Loeschner, told the German Press Agency. He assumes that this success will be followed by further claims for information in similar proceedings. The data now to be made available by Astrazeneca could be relevant for other ongoing and future procedures, said Loeschner.

The plaintiff’s compensation and pain and suffering proceedings are continuing. In the next step, the court wants to decide whether an expert opinion on the woman’s suspected vaccination damage should be obtained.