When it gets colder outside, we don’t just have to adapt our wardrobe to the temperatures. The main care in autumn and winter also looks different than in summer. Because when temperatures drop, the oil-moisture balance of our skin changes. The reason: It has to protect itself against cold and, above all, against drying out. Unlike in summer, sebum and sweat production decreases and the skin tends to become dry. In addition, there is wind or heating air, which are not good for the skin. You can combat this with different approaches.

As mentioned above, one aspect of skin care is particularly important in autumn and winter: moisture. In order to preserve them or reintroduce them to the skin in the form of creams etc., you should consider the following things:

But not only the facial skin, other parts of the body also need to be adequately cared for. The following tips can help with pale or tight skin:

Also think about areas such as feet and joints and care for them adequately. Here we have fewer sebaceous glands. You can find tips against dry hands in our article. If your feet are dry, a foot mask can also help. And: The lips also suffer from cooler temperatures and heated air. Here you can read how you can combat dry lips.

Sources used: Paula’s Choice / “Skin Info”

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