French people are greedy. Some brands, not always the best for their health, appeal more to them than others. The 2022 Observatory of French Favorite Brands Label reveals this. It was based on a survey that reached 4,900 people and covered 1,300 brands. The Observatory reports that the 2022 edition “confirms the dominance food brands” in French hearts, particularly those “linked to sweet or savory pleasures”.

St Michel biscuits are at the top of the list, where they stand out above Lindt chocolates and Amora sauces, condiments, and sauces. The Top 30 includes yoghurts (La Laitiere ndeg4, Danone ndeg6) and chocolate (Milka ndeg8, Ferrero Rocher ndeg20 cakes) (Lu ndeg7; Bonne Maman ndeg9 …) ice-cream (Carte d’or ndeg11), Magnum ndeg19 )… but also savory brands like pasta (Bacru, Lustucru), or peit Vessel). Only four brands are included in the Top 30 that are not food brands.

“We are completely in phase with previous editions,” comments our newspaper to the label company favourite brands of the French. These brands are well-known and widely recognized and they accompany the French throughout their daily lives in good and in bad times such as confinement.

Two years of pandemics are evident in the 2022 ranking. The Observatory observes a “stronger presence at the top” of the home equipment brand ranking. Tefal was awarded the ninth (28th) place last year, while Moulinex was in the Top 30 at 27th. Grohe and De Dietrich are two of the top five home-equipment manufacturers with the highest growth rates.

The Observatory also shows an increase in pure-players and online banks, as well as e-commerce with Amazon. Doctolib is ranked first among the most useful brands behind Google, Bic and La Poste.

The Observatory updates “an acceleration in the preference for French brands”. The two most important criteria for French people’s attachment of brands are trust and proximity. Next, the French place importance on quality and accessibility. Then they focus on commitment.

According to an additional ranking by the Observatory, Decathlon is the brand that creates a greater sense of closeness. It was ahead of E.Leclerc and then Amazon, Doctolib, and Lidl.

The trusted brands are the German tire company Karcher and Michelin in France. They have a reputation for being “reliable” thanks to their expertise and uncompromising quality of their equipment. We find Bonne Maman and Samsung behind us.

Engagement is best when brands are focused on the environment, organic, and sustainable development. L’Arbre vert leads the pack, ahead of Ethiquable chocolate, Biocoop and Maison verte.

The favorite brand label company believes that a committed brand isn’t necessarily liked today, and this theme will be more prominent in the future ranking.