In a short message of congratulations on the turn of the year, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyj wished his fellow citizens a Happy New Year and the “Year of our Victory”. “Want miracles today? Ukrainians created them a long time ago,” Zelenskyy wrote.

He also posted a photo of himself and his wife Olena in front of a modestly decorated Christmas tree on Telegram. There were other slight political undertones in his New Year’s message. “Want real friends? We’ve already found out for sure who they are.” He meant the supporters of Ukraine in the war against Russia.

And with a touch of irony and a reference to the repeated Russian attacks on the Ukrainian power grid, he declared: “Do you want light? It is in each of us, even when there is no electricity.” Even when asked about a desire for adventure and travel, Zelenskyj could not resist a dig at the bitter reality of the Russian war of aggression. “The Ukrainians have already gotten too much of it.”

So only one wish remains. “And it will not come true through a miracle, but through our work, through struggle, mutual help, humanity,” Zelenskyy wrote, concluding his wishes with “Happy New Year! The year of our victory.”