According to Syrian sources, Israeli warplanes attacked targets near the capital Damascus on Sunday night, killing several people. According to the Syrian Observatory, 15 people died, and the Syrian state agency reported five dead. There were also several injuries.

Israel has attacked positions of Iranian and Lebanese militias, the Syrian Observatory reported. There were fires and explosions. A rocket also landed in a roundabout and killed a woman.

Sana reported that Israeli missiles also hit residential areas. Four civilians and a soldier were killed and 15 other civilians were injured, some seriously. Several houses were also reportedly destroyed.

Israel regularly bombs targets in Syria

Syrian television also showed images of destroyed buildings and reported that the headquarters of Iranian militias had been hit in the capital. The headquarters of a Syrian division was attacked near Damascus. It was the heaviest air raid since the beginning of the year.

The information could not initially be independently verified. The Israeli military did not comment.

Israel’s air force regularly bombs targets in the neighboring civil war country. Israel wants to prevent its archenemy Iran from expanding its military influence in Syria with the help of allied militias.