Bruce Springsteen has canceled all concerts this year for health reasons. The performances should be rescheduled next year, the 74-year-old explained on Wednesday. This summer “The Boss” performed in Hamburg. We commemorate the concert with a text from July, which we are republishing here.

It has become a habit for musicians to throw their utensils into the audience after use at concerts. Recently, in addition to the obligatory brittle drumsticks, it is primarily picks, i.e. guitar plates, that change hands. Bruce Springsteen handed them out as he walked down the front row in Hamburg on Saturday as if he were a ringmaster feeding his horses sugar cubes. He also gave away two freshly blown harmonicas, preferably to the few underage fans who had made it to the top of the expensive seats. The stadium camera transmitted these images to the skyscraper-sized screens to the left and right of the stage. But it could also have been a wafer, because Springsteen has reached the stage in his career where his performances can only be compared to church services. The best church services in the world.

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