The railway and transport union (EVG) declared the nationwide warning strike in long-distance and regional transport on Friday morning to be over and drew a positive conclusion. “We had a massive impact in all 50 companies,” said Cosima Ingenschay, head of collective bargaining. “Virtually nothing was running on the rails or in the bus companies.”

The participation was roughly at the level of the first large-scale warning strike by the EVG and Verdi at the end of March. “The anger and disappointment is very great that there are still no negotiable offers,” said Ingenschay.

The railway companies had announced that after the end of the warning strike on Friday at 11 a.m., the S-Bahn and regional traffic in particular would start up again relatively quickly. In long-distance traffic, Deutsche Bahn wants to resume operations from 1 p.m. However, significant effects can still be expected into the evening hours, said a railway spokesman in the morning.

The collective bargaining in the railway sector is to continue next Tuesday at Deutsche Bahn in Fulda.

DB press blog on the warning strike