In view of the high temperatures, the medical officers encourage the introduction of a siesta working method in summer in Germany. “When it’s hot, we should be guided by the way southern countries work: getting up early, working productively in the morning and taking a siesta at noon is a concept that we should adopt in the summer months,” said the chairman of the Federal Association of Physicians in the Public Health Service ( BVÖGD), Johannes Nießen, the editorial network Germany (RND).

“People aren’t as efficient as usual when it’s very hot. Poor sleep without cooling down at night also leads to problems concentrating.”

Complex work requirements should therefore be postponed until the early hours of the morning, the doctor added. “You also need enough fans and lighter clothing, even if the dress code in the office doesn’t allow it.” It is also important to drink a lot more and eat light food in several smaller portions. “A cold footbath under the desk would be another way to cool down in the home office,” said Nießen.