According to official information, it was more than eight degrees warmer in some places in September 2022 in Greenland than the multi-year average for that month. “It was unusually warm in Greenland, and most of the area experienced the warmest September since 1979,” said climate researcher Freja Vamborg of the EU climate change service Copernicus on Thursday, according to a statement.

Globally, the average temperature was almost 0.3 degrees above average. The reference period is from 1991 to 2020. Together with September 2016, this year’s September was the fourth warmest recorded to date. In Europe, on the other hand, temperatures were slightly below average.

In Antarctica, September sea ice extent was three percent below average. That ranks among the five lowest readings for September. In several months this year, a record-breaking low expansion was observed.

The EU climate change service uses satellites, ships, airplanes and weather stations around the world for its measurements and evaluations. Data on temperatures, sea ice cover and other aspects are published monthly using computer analysis.

Climate data for September