In the wake of the Uvalde shooting that left two teachers and 19 children dead, Cardinal Blase Cupich, Chicago’s archbishop, has called for gun safety legislation.

Cupich, a cardinal, has resisted political discussion. Cupich took to Twitter to condemn gun violence hours after the Robb Elementary School shooting.

Cupich explained to NPR that the Second Amendment was not a commandment. Cupich said that there is a common understanding we all share about the value and importance of human life. There is no amendment that could override that.”

Cupich told NPR that he hopes that elected officials will listen to the voices and take action on behalf of “the vast majority of Americans”. Cupich states that no law is perfect, but legislation can help reduce the number of mass shootings across the United States.

The 233rd mass shooting in America this year was the result of the Tulsa, Okla., hospital shooting. This shooting occurred just days after other shootings such as the one in Uvalde (Texas) and the one at a Buffalo supermarket, N.Y.

Cupich stated to NPR that the U.S. could take lessons from gun safety restrictions in other countries. He urged senators not to delay in enacting gun safety legislation as a House Democrats took steps.

Cupich stated, “It’s an ethical duty because it’s about salvaging lives.” “Elected officials have to take a oath to serve society and ensure public safety.

While some may agree with Cupich on gun restrictions, others might not. Cupich believes both issues revolve around “respecting the dignity and life of human beings,” regardless of whether they are a fetus, or a student in an educational setting. Cupich said that there are other issues that relate to life.

Cupich stated, “I would also connect with those issues with regard to poverty or homelessness where people live shorter lives because they don’t have sufficient resources to enjoy a full life including healthcare.” Cupich stated, “If we respect the unalienable right of human life, then we should seek out ways to enact laws that protect that human life.”