Magali Debatte was the prefect of Charente. She wanted to increase road inspections in Charente between May 25-29. This period saw the inspection of nearly 810 light vehicles as well as 57 heavy goods vehicles. More than 216 violations (not including automated checks) were also recorded.

First came 107 speeding offenses, including 21 driving at over 40 km/h above the speed limit. Next came 18 driving under an alcoholic condition, which included 16 offenses, and six driving under a controlled substance. narcotics.

Notable were 22 offences relating to non-compliance or absence of safety equipment (wearing two-wheelers, wearing seat belts, and driving with slick tires), 31 offenses for dangerous and reckless driving (failing to obey a stop sign, failing to use a turn signal, driving with earphones at the wheel, driving with a telephone at a steering wheel, violation of safety distances), 31 offenses relating to the administrative situation for drivers and vehicles (non-change in car registration), absence of technical control and driving licences and insurance, driving license, and driving without an insurance, and driving licence and driving without an insurance and driving license, and driving without a driving permit and driving licenses and driving without a driving, and driving

A sound system administrative seizure was also performed as part of a rave party.

Road checks will continue throughout 2018 to combat dangerous behavior on Charente’s entire road network. State services share.