Chandigarh Election Results 2024: BJP Vote Share Drops After AAP-Congress Alliance

The Union Territory of Chandigarh is abuzz with excitement as the election results for 2024 are pouring in. The fierce competition between Congress stalwart Manish Tewari and BJP’s Sanjay Tandon has gripped the attention of the nation. Mr. Tandon, the son of former Chhattisgarh governor Balram Das Tandon, is making his debut in the political arena, aiming to fill the shoes of the two-time MP from the region, actress Kirron Kher. On the other hand, Mr. Tewari, who previously served as the Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting from 2012 to 2014, is vying for a chance to represent Chandigarh once again.

The Chandigarh General Election 2024 took place on 1st June, marking the final phase of the 18th Lok Sabha polls (Phase 7). The voter turnout was recorded at an impressive 67.9%, reflecting the enthusiasm and civic responsibility of the residents. Throughout its political history since 1967, Chandigarh has witnessed a dynamic mix of representation in the Lok Sabha. The Congress has held the seat for seven terms, while the BJP has claimed it for four terms. Other parties such as the Bharatiya Jan Sangh, Janata Dal, and Janata Party have also had their share of representation for one term each.

As the election results unfold, one notable trend is the drop in the BJP’s vote share following the alliance between AAP and Congress. This unexpected turn of events has sparked discussions and analysis among political pundits and citizens alike. Stay tuned for the latest updates and insights on the unfolding political landscape in Chandigarh.

In conclusion, the Chandigarh election results for 2024 have brought forth a wave of surprises and changes in the political scenario. The BJP’s diminishing vote share post the AAP-Congress alliance indicates a shift in the dynamics of power and influence. As the nation awaits the final outcome of this closely watched election, the implications and ramifications of these results are sure to reverberate across the political spectrum.