Under the suggestive title of «Shaping The Human Condition» the annual exhibition was inaugurated with which Caxton College celebrates the artistic work of its Art students in the last year of Secondary and Baccalaureate.

As in previous editions, the school invited a plastic artist to this meeting to chat with the students who had taken part in the exhibition that took place in the Young Art Gallery of Caxton College. On this occasion, the Basque artist who has lived in Valencia for decades, Rafa de Corral, toured the exhibition space accompanied by students who were able to explain to him the process of their creative proposals.

«What has surprised me the most is that they have a true vocation for art, despite the fact that only three students consider studying Fine Arts.

In addition, I really liked seeing how they solve complicated parts of the painting in a very coherent and creative way, “said the artist.

Rafa de Corral joins the long list of artists who have passed through Caxton College to visit its already famous exhibitions of young art. José María Yrturralde, Paco Roca, José Saborit or Uiso Alemany are some of the most relevant creators who, together with Rafa de Corral, join these artistic and educational meetings that want to value the creative talent of the students.

In a meeting prior to the inauguration, the students were able to ask Rafa de Corral about very diverse topics related to the profession of artist, the degree in Fine Arts or artistic style and identity. They also had the opportunity to explain the academic process of the art subject. In this regard, De Corral assured that «in Spain the appropriate value is not given to artistic education. I think that schools should encourage this type of artistic activity from an early age. It is great that schools like this one are promoting it, also, from a very attractive point of view».

This artistic event, attended by families, teachers and students, was enlivened by live music from students in a very relaxed and inspiring atmosphere that featured the leadership of the new head of the Secondary Art Department, Charlotte Owen, who at all times he encouraged his students to continue projecting the best of themselves through art.

Lastly, Rafa de Corral, who will exhibit at the Sporting Club in Valencia on June 3 for the Russafart Festival and in Germany, specifically at the Espacio BcmA in Berlin, on June 18, said goodbye to the students, addressing those who have decided to dedicate themselves to art in any of its facets. «That you know that this is a long-distance race, in which you have to work with true sincerity with what you are doing. Try not to let yourself be influenced by fashions. Follow your own discourse in order to acquire your own identity », he concluded.