The Government spokeswoman, Patrícia Plaja, announced this Tuesday that the Catalan Executive has approved the decree on university public prices for the next academic year, which includes the third consecutive reduction in fees since the 2020-2021 academic year.

At a press conference after the Consell Executiu, the spokesperson explained that from next academic year there will only be two public prices for university degrees because the highest level of experimentality is suppressed, and for the first time in ten years all prices for both degrees such as master’s degrees that enable you to practice a profession will cost less than 20 euros per credit.

In this way, high and medium experimental university degrees will cost 18.46 euros per credit, compared to the current price of 27.67 and 25.04 respectively.

This means that the degrees of high experimentality will have a reduction of more than 30%, which means that Medicine students will pay 553 euros less for the next course, while in the studies of medium experimentality the reduction will be greater than 26%, and they will pay 395 less.

On the other hand, the price of low experimental degrees remains at 17.69 euros, the lowest in the entire public university system, after the 30% reduction for the 2020-2021 academic year.

In the case of the master’s degrees, those that qualify to practice a profession will also have a price of 18.46, which represents a reduction of more than 30% -553 euros less–, while the rest of the official master’s degrees remain at a price of 27.67 euros per credit, after last year it was reduced by 40%.