Castilla y León practiced during the last year two of the ten requests for euthanasia received, once they obtained the positive evaluation of the Guarantees Committee, as revealed this Thursday at a conference held in Burgos that has brought together experts and responsible doctors.

The Burgos Medical Association has hosted the conference ‘Reflections on the Euthanasia Management and Regulation Law’, in which medical professionals and experts in medical and biomedical ethics have analyzed the rule approved in 2021, which “guarantees that a patient can decide what the final process of his life will be like and that involves medical and health professionals in such a decision”.

They were the internist Agustín Zamarrón, an expert in Bioethics and a deputy in Congress, who together with the head of the Neurology Service of the University Hospital of Burgos (HUBU), Jose María Trejo, and the doctor of the Euthanasia Guarantee and Evaluation Commission of Castilla y León Enrique Arrieta who put on the table the aspects of a law that is just now a year after its approval.

Said conference, as reported by the organization through a statement sent to Ep, was presented by the president of the Burgos Medical Association, Joaquín Fernández de Valderrama, and moderated by Carmelo Yarritu.