The number of unemployed continues to decline in Castilla-La Mancha. At the end of June, the unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services (former Inem) in the autonomous community stood at 138,396, after falling by 2,720 unemployed, a percentage decrease of 1.93%, according to data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy published this Monday.

Compared to the same month last year, unemployment fell by 40,236 unemployed in the Autonomous Community, which is 22.52% less.

At the national level, the number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services fell by 42,409 unemployed in June (-1.4%), which placed the total number of unemployed below 2.9 million for the first time since the fall of 2008.

Unemployment fell in all five provinces. Thus, in Albacete last month it ended with 421 fewer unemployed, a decrease of 1.60%, to 25,813 and Ciudad Real closed with 38,463 unemployed, subtracting 93 (-0.24%).

The province of Cuenca ended the previous month with 247 fewer unemployed (-2.37%) and a total of 10,161 unemployed and that of Guadalajara subtracted 662 people from the unemployment lists (-4.77%) to reach 13,212. The province of Toledo closed last month with 1,297 fewer people unemployed (-2.49%) and 50,747 unemployed in total.

By sex and age, in Albacete, of the 25,813 unemployed, 8,798 are men and 17,015 women. Of the total, 1,720 are under 25 years of age, of which 834 are men and 886 women.

In the province of Ciudad Real, of 38,463 people actively seeking employment, 13,278 are men and 25,185 women, while in the youth sector the total is 2,959, with a distribution of 1,437 men and 1,522 women.

On the other hand, of the 10,161 unemployed in the province of Cuenca, 3,900 are men and 6,261 women, of whom 764 have not yet reached the age of 25. In this case, there are 396 men and 368 women.

Of the 13,212 unemployed in Guadalajara at the end of last month, 5,004 are men and 8,208 women. The distribution of the 912 unemployed under 25 years of age is 495 men and 417 women.

In the province of Toledo, of the total of 50,747 unemployed, 18,064 are men and 32,683 are women. Among young people under 25 years of age, there are a total of 3,507 unemployed, of which 1,824 are men and 1,683 women.

By sectors, of the 2,720 fewer unemployed people recorded in the region last month, 26 were in Agriculture, 532 in the Industry sector, 291 in Construction and 2,047 in Services. The group without a previous job rose instead by 176 people throughout the Autonomous Community.

Thus, in the province of Albacete, unemployment rose in the Agriculture sector by 25 people and fell in the Industry sector by 173 people, in the Construction sector by 72 people and in Services by 238 people, while in the unemployed group previous rose by 37 people.

In Ciudad Real, for its part, unemployment fell by 17 people in Agriculture, by 104 in Industry, by 60 in Construction and by 55 in the Services sector, but it rose by 143 among the group without previous employment.

In Cuenca, unemployment fell last month by 23 people in Agriculture, by 23 people in Industry, by 29 in Construction and by 202 in the Services Sector, but it rose by 30 in the group without previous employment.

On his side, in the province of Guadalajara, unemployment rose by 15 people in Agriculture, but fell by 23 in Industry, 14 in Construction and 647 in Services, although seven more were recorded in the group without previous employment.

Finally, in the province of Toledo, there were 26 fewer unemployed in Agriculture, 209 fewer in Industry, 116 fewer in Construction and 905 fewer unemployed in Services, but 41 more in the group without previous employment.

Regarding contracting, in Castilla-La Mancha 81,243 contracts were formalized last month, 17,785 more than the previous monthly payment (28.03 more) and 14,400 less (-15.06%) compared to the same period a year ago .

Of those 81,243 contracts closed in the Autonomous Community during the past month, 38,593 were permanent and 42,650 temporary.