The 2022 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix was a great success. It showed a lot of promise from the beginning thanks to the rain that was added in the early hours. The stormy clouds that threatened to overshadow the race caused a delay of 1 hour. It also created a strategic game where Red Bull was the clear winner and Ferrari the clear loser.

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez was the winner, and everything went smoothly for him. Although the Mexican was not the favourite in the race, Charles Leclerc, who came out to end his curse at home, seemed like he would take the victory with authority. But, a poor management (another), of his strategy by his wall saw him lose the podium. This screaming radio is already a highlight of Formula 1’s season.

Carlos Sainz did not feel affected by the Ferrari wall’s decision. He was aware that the Ferrari wall could have been better and decided to ignore the team. Sometimes rebellion is a way to do more good. Sainz chose not to switch from wet tires to intermediate tires then onto hard dry tires as they did with their partner. Instead, he stretched the first relay with scratched tires, before moving on to smooth tires. The track was very cold and slippery, so Sainz took on the challenge of trying for victory. It was a difficult task to do so in Monaco where it is nearly impossible to catch up.

After Sergio Perez finished first, Mick Schumacher finished the race against the pool area’s protections. The Haas was split in half, and the “techpro” barriers were affected. A red flag was placed on the track after several laps following the safety car. Although the break allowed drivers to rest, it was immediately clear that the goal of 77 laps would not be met. Formula 1, unlike other sports like tennis, established years ago that events could not last more than three hours. This was to prevent television programming being hijacked. Six o’clock was the end of the evening.

It seemed like it would be a new procession after the resumption. Sergio Perez controlled the race with relative ease. Sainz was still in front but had no choice but to battle him for third. Max Verstappen was second, as expected, considering that Leclerc was hot but weak in fourth. Perez’s tires began to show graining after 10 minutes. This was due to tire wear and temperature changes on the Monaco asphalt. Sainz was able to make the most of the golden opportunity, and he put the car in the car several times. But Perez still wanted it. The doubles were a boon for the Mexican driver, who showed that he is one the most skilled position defenders on Formula 1. He also won his third win in Formula 1 and vowed revenge against his bosses. Ferrari was left with a bad taste after Perez’s win with Verstappen, and they protested against them for violating the rules at the pit exit line.

Fernando Alonso was another driver who proved himself to be a winner in this race. In his defense of his position, Lewis Hamilton was not harmed by the Asturian. However, he did benefit from the race conditions and circuit itself. The seventh place result for the Asturian, which is his best result of this year, was also the first race in which Esteban Ocon finishes ahead. Hamilton was also sanctioned for the Frenchman.

Carlos Sainz finished in second place at the Monaco GP, but he wanted more. He was close to winning. It took a little luck and maybe a few more racing minutes for him to be able to catch Sergio Perez. Sainz said it was due to Nicholas Latifi’s bent. The race was insane, but we did what we needed to. Although we were patient with the wet tyres, it was a difficult decision to switch to dry tyres. Unfortunately, I lost the win due to a bad lap behind a car that had fallen behind. It’s understandable that I was frustrated. A clean start lap would have guaranteed me victory. But, this is how the sport is sometimes. “The Ferrari driver from Madrid resigned. Sainz accepted the outcome with sportsmanship, despite everything. His team raised a formal protest against Sergio Perez, who had stepped onto the starting line for the ‘pitlane’ in Monaco. “I don’t want to complain too much. It is a sport like this. Checo was not able to win in Jeddah, but today he won a fantastic race. He has also been fortunate, said the Spaniard.

Fernando Alonso from Alpine was the Asturian who finished his best race this year. It wasn’t because he felt overtaken or had feelings, but because he got the result. He will be able to reach his maximum in 2022 with the seventh Monaco GP place. It was also the first race where he finished ahead of his teammate. Alonso was challenged by the conditions he faced. He explained that it was difficult to start at the beginning due to the grip and visibility. Then, there were intermediates in the wet. “We’ve seen everything.” he said. It was easy to make mistakes, but we were always focused and these are great points. We could have finished sixth, but I think I was one lap late to change to dry tyres. He said that the car was too optimistic to run 33 laps on yellow tires, so he did tire management. Alonso reconstructed his result to defend him against Lewis Hamilton. “When I was told that Esteban (Ocon), had been penalized for five seconds, I tried to make a gap. But Hamilton didn’t seem to have any tires or didn’t want to go faster. In what was seen as a dart to the seven time world champion, Asturian smiled.