The Toledo author Carlos Muñoz Escobar has just published, at only eleven years of age, his second book; ‘Pepe Holmes and the Fifteen Club’, a work that is the continuation of the first, made during confinement and published in 2021; which made him the youngest writer in Spain.

On this occasion, the paths of Pepe Holmes and Dr. Mael cross again with the evil Charles Winston and his entire gang. After the first adventures in which our detectives achieved national fame, the main criminals from all over the planet meet in Spain to carry out a hit that no one can imagine.

Literally speaking, the order of the country is in danger and only the expertise of Holmes and Mael can crush the plans of a growing gang and a code that misleads the police to the point of putting the very Government of Spain in check.

Without a doubt, this is the greatest adventure that our protagonists have experienced so far and that will require the signing of several companions in order to balance the scales; so much so that at the last moment everything changes radically in an unexpected turn that makes us all think and reflect.

Undoubtedly, this is one more step for our particular ‘hero’ and, on this occasion, for absolutely all of his colleagues, great helpers without whom the future of Spain would be a very different one.

In short, a book that begins quickly and ends with frantic speed, the same speed that they have to contribute so that Winston does not get away with it and returns again to the prison from which he should never have escaped.