The modern man grooms himself. And that’s not as easy as he might think. Every skin type has its own needs. The golden rule is: dry skin wants oily cream, oily skin wants moisture. Before the gentlemen dip their face in their girlfriend’s or wife’s cream, it should be said that men’s skin differs to some extent from women’s skin. It has larger pores, greasier and up to 20 percent thicker than that of women. When it comes to facial care, the differentiation based on biological factors for a change is not a bad marketing gimmick to get more money from women for no apparent reason.

Normally, care creams for women are a little greasy. No problem, because the smaller pores can handle it better. In addition, women have fewer sebaceous glands. Men’s skin produces almost twice as much sebum per day. A cream that is too greasy can cause the larger male pores to become clogged. Nasty pimples and an impure complexion are the result. In addition, there is the special daily strain of shaving, which is a real stress test for the skin. The rule here is: stay away from alcohol. When drunk, it fattens the stomach, while the alcohol degreases the skin and thus destroys its protective function.

If you suffer from oily skin, it is best to use a moisturizing cream that absorbs quickly and has a mattifying effect. It is precisely these properties that the mattifying power fluid from ebony combines. The manufacturer promises an oil-absorbing effect and a long-lasting matt effect. The cream is vegan and free of mineral oils. The packaging is made of recyclable materials – a cream for men who not only take care of themselves, but also of the environment.

Of course, not all men’s skin is always greasy. There is also combination skin that is dry in some areas and oily in others. A prime example is men who suffer from dry skin on their necks and chins and oilier skin on their foreheads. For the dry and normal areas, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture is a good choice. It’s a caffeinated day cream that the manufacturer says is great for fighting the signs of stressed skin. It is a non-greasy cream that you should apply to sensitive, dry and normal skin.

If you suffer from extremely dry or oily skin, take a closer look at Shiseido Men’s Hydro Master Gel. It provides intensive moisturizing care that is quickly absorbed. According to the manufacturer, the peony root extract prevents excessive sebum production in the pores. It is best to apply the gel after cleaning or shaving.

A classic all-rounder for normal skin is the Gel Homme Aquapower from Biotherm. It is quickly absorbed and gives the skin a pleasantly cooling feeling. The manufacturer promises that the gel moisturizes the skin for up to 48 hours. It is also suitable as a soothing aftershave. Thanks to vitamins E, C and B5 and oligo-minerals, Biotherm speaks of a regenerative effect that its gel offers to men’s skin.

Before you rub your face with any of the products, you should clean it. This is also advisable before you shave (you can find out what else you need to pay attention to here). Thorough cleaning of the face avoids unsightly inflammation and impurities and softens the beard hair. And that’s exactly what the cleaning gel Biotherm Homme Aquapower promises. Before shaving, it raises the beard hair and opens the pores. According to the manufacturer, the razor blade separates the hair exactly. Important to protect the skin when shaving. Otherwise, you may have to shave the same area several times to really get all the hair.

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